... Soon.

25th April, 2022 - Unique #7

  • Uploaded video for Unique #7 👀
  • Farmland LP - tabs and sort now remember your previous selection. Minor UI fixes to quell my OCD, and disabled FERTILIZE tab for now (👏 @chooken)

22nd April, 2022 - Business as usual

  • Moved Chikn / Roostr / Farmland Trait images to another CDN and implemented additional performance improvements -> quicker page loading!
  • Fixed Roostr sort by rank on the marketplace.

20th April, 2022 - Roostr Attribute Reveal

  • We've turned on the Roostr's attributes! (See... the glitch backgrounds are intentional.)
  • Turned on Link preview, so that links pasted into social channels now display your magnificent Roostr!
  • Wallet - we've turned on "Sort by Rank" - cause we all want to know which Roostr is best!
  • Fixed mintedBy by value on Roostr details.
  • Backend performance improvements - roostr thumbnails, lb, more instances, etc

15th April, 2022 - Roostr Mint!

13th April, 2022 - Roostr Soon 🐓🐓🐓

  • Homepage updates
    • 200% new and improved carousel images! (👏 @Playgateway)
    • big link to roostr mint countdown!
    • added (this) 'changelog' (👏 @vagonvol7)
    • added 'medium' links to footer (👏 @Ropian)
  • Wallet - updated sorting options so they remember your last selection! (coming soon to filters, pagination and marketplace 👀 @thatguytheads)
  • Fixed spelling mistake in Unstake Warning (👏 @PorQueJefe)
  • Add spacing between Skip & Unroost on mobile (👏 @BokSir)
  • Fixed a bug with filters - not being able to apply more than one filter at a time.
  • Maintenance updates to the API

8th April, 2022 - Farmland Rarity

  • You can now see the rarity and overall score for your farmland tiles!
  • New sort options on the marketplace, you can sort by two new farmland filters!
    • lowest / highest average score per tile
    • lowest / highest score
  • Chikn leaderboard - you can see chikn that are "for sale", their price, and click on them for details (👏 @Playgateway)
  • Under chikn details, you can now view price/lore/flavour, even when a wallet is not connected
  • On the navbar, you can see the current egg/feed/avax/gas prices (👏 @EHH TALL GUY)
  • Minor bug fixes for "Nan"