Get ready for the ultimate bird-based PVP battler: CoqFight.

Two farmers enter a duel in a fight for wagers, EggsP (experience points), and glory—with every win permanently recorded on-chain.

Upgrade your bird, learn your opponent's moveset, and predict your opponent's playstyle in a game that's easy to pick up and impossible to put down.

  • Your bird, your build: Grab a coq with traits that match your playstyle and equip items for even more variation.
  • K-level strategy: Learn how your opponent plays and begin strategizing to counter their moves.
  • Bigger is (sometimes) better: Your bird's on-chain stats impact its power in-game, but that doesn't mean it's lights out for the little guy.
  • High stakes, high reward: Play in friendlies or place token wagers on the outcome of your battle.
  • Avian acclaim: Climb the leaderboard and share your victories with the world.
  • Farm fighters: Use your Chikn ecosystem resources to upgrade your bird, improve your build, and achieve glory through coq-on-coq action.
CoqFight is currently in closed alpha. Open alpha coming s🥚🥚n.
The Ecosystem


Total Transactions

$EGG is one of the most transacted tokens on the entire AVAX network.


Total Marketplace Volume

Responsible for over 50% of Avalanche’s NFT volumes.


Total Value Burned

Chikn Farmers love to burn their tokens, just ask them.

Ecosystem Features

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As the founders of non-custodial NFT staking - we allow players to 'Roost' their birds for in-game rewards (ERC20 tokens) There are currently two NFT series that can be added to a player's roost: Chikn NFTs & Roostr NFTs Once 'roosted' - Chikn lay $EGG, and Roostr squirt $FERT - it's science!


Forage on your FarmLand to find Resources. Dig underneath your FarmLand to find buried treasure & Blueprints! Use what you discover & yield to craft new in-game items (NFTs)! These items can be utilized for further productivity, battling, or to onsell to other players on the open market!


CoqFight [coming soon] Our landmark PvP battler. Take your birds out of the barn and unleash them in the online arena! Gain EggsP, upgrade their stats, equip them with the finest weaponry - and wage war on your comrades to answer one simple question: Who has the biggest & the best Coq of all? Got some Twitter beef to settle? Challenge them to a CoqFight at the drop of a link.


Breeding [coming soon] Take the productivity of your birds to a whole new level with breeding. Heralding in a whole new era for the Chikn ecosystem - Breeding the next generation is a game of collection, knowledge, skill and persistence. Coupled with a free-to-play tier, to appeal to a truly global open-market, this ‘next gen’ is going to blow the socks right off of your Coqs.

NFT Showcase

Floor Price




Eggs Laid


Fert squirt


Feed sprinkled


Token Features


EGG is the fuel that runs the Chikn Ecosystem, and can only ever be laid by Chikn (NFTs). Our central utility token, EGG is used primarily for upgrading assets in - and surrounding - the Chikn Ecosystem. A sufficient supply of EGG enables any player a whole new expanse of opportunity in Chikn.


Our initial rewards token of the Chikn Ecosystem. With a finite supply of 12b - FEED is the only way to increase the size (KG) of your Chikn.


FERT is produced only by Roostr (NFTs) that have been fed EGG, and can be used to fertilize FarmLand for an increase in both LP and Foraging rewards. Stop feeding them EGG, they stop squirting FERT.


The latest and greatest rewards & utility token of the Chikn Ecosystem. WORM are your hard-working earthbound friends, here to help you dig underneath your FarmLand, find new Blueprints, reduce your Foraging times & most importantly - craft your items! The birds sure do like the look of these tasty critters…

Foragable resources

Off-chain and only attainable only by playing the game of Chikn. Players must strategize amongst their flocks and throughout their FarmLand, to optimize their strategies for reaping bountiful harvests of Resources. These Resources, of varying scarcity, are in high demand for crafting new & desirable NFTs. Better get to work!

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