Premier Upgradable NFT Gaming Ecosystem. On Avalanche.

Powered by $EGG

Welcome to Chikn. Bgaark!

Chikn are not just NFTs that lay $EGG.
Chikn is an entire ecosystem built around these NFTs - encompassing novel Tri-Token Architecture.
Chikn is extending the utility of Public Minting, a Marketplace, and Farming for emerging NFT+token creators on Avalanche.

NFTs have the unique ability to combine utility with the power of mimetism.
When you can have both, why not have both?

It's simple, really. Everyone knows that Chikn lay $EGG.

Tri-Token Ecosystem

Your upgradeable Chikn NFT, that lays $EGG
The governance and utility token of the Chikn
ecosystem. Hodl, use, or sell on the open market
Harvested at, eaten by Chikn,
or sold on the open market
Roost your Chikn and lay $EGG.
Biggr Chikn lay more $EGG
Received $EGG LP tokens are used
to farm $feed at
Size (Kg / KillerGainz)
$feed permanently increases the size
of your Chikn. It's written straight to the
metadata of your NFT

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